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Soap Pouch

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The natural sisal fiber bag.
Store the gems inside while you shower to prevent them from slipping
Insert the soap once you are done showering to let them dry
Use it to always carry soaps with you
Rub it on your body while you are in the shower to scrub your skin
Insert all soap's residues into it and continue to use them on your body along with the bag
Hygienic and anti-waste
The gem net bag is 100% organic and made from sustainable materials: sisal, wood and cotton.
Not only is it perfect for holding your gem at home, on the go or at the gym, but it's useful for containing small product residues.
To wash yourself, you can also leave the soap inside the bag; rubbing it gently, the bag will create a soft foam that will exfoliate your skin, to make it brighter.

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